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WASP Gear Lightweight Tent Tarps

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Our Lightweight Tent Tarps are made with Nylon Ripstop Fabric with a waterproof coating.

We're excited to be offering our first lightweight gear product!  Our tent tarps can be set up between two trees, hiking poles-whatever else you may have to use. This saves you from having to carry around tent poles!


  • Includes stakes and guideline
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Hand sewn in the United State
  • Ships with tarp clamps


About the fabric:

The Ottertex™ nylon ripstop fabric is a durable and synthetic fabric that is perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor use. This fabric is 70 denier, 100% nylon, and 62/3” inches wide. It is a light-weight interwoven fabric, using special synthetic fibers to create a square like pattern. The special fibers used are placed within the weave at specific points, allowing for the fabric to have superior quality and hold against all types of wear and tear.

This fabric in particular is specially coated with PU (polyurethane). PU coating allows for the ripstop to be waterproof by using a seam sealing process (the process of covering the stitch holes and seams in a fabric to prevent any water leakage), withstanding all types of water exposures. Compared to many other ripstop fabrics within the industry such as DWR or Silnylon, the PU coating nylon ripstop has superior waterproofing qualities. Ripstop is also a very pliable and easy to use fabric, allowing for a great deal of flexibility despite having a soft finish.